Club Insurance

Our club insurance is provided through our membership of The Angling Trust and Fish Legal. The provider is Sportscover. A copy of the policy is attached but a few key points to bear in mind the following.

The policy in relation to:
• Weil’s Disease (Leptospirosis) caps claims at £50 per week (starting after 2 weeks) and at a total of 52 weeks. For more information about Weil’s disease click here ->
Leptospirosis is a type of bacterial infection spread by animals. It is caused by a strain of bacteria called leptospira.
• personal accident claims are capped at £5,000 (less in certain scenarios). Personal accident includes, for example, the loss of a hand or an eye.
• working parties covers us (I imagine the cap above applies) with the following condition applied to power tool use. NOTE: we are not indemnified for any legal liability arising from the use of Power tools unless
(1)        Power tools are used as per the manufacturers guidelines
(2)        Power tools are only used by a trained competent Adult
(3)        Power tools are to be securely locked away when not in use
(4)        Use of Chainsaws is permitted only by users with a current license and wearing the appropriate PPE equipment.
If you have any questions about the policy please email me and I will get clarification from the broker.
Please make sure that you always stay safe when fishing or maintaining the fishery.
Download the insurance policy: